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Everyone loves music. It’s universal. Associating your brand with music creates a personal and emotional connection that endures. People are passionate about their music and prefer listening to music to watching TV. FRM provides complete customized options for branded music downloads for events and promotions to help you get in front of your customer.


FRM can also connect brands to non-profit organizations and charities to help promote corporate social responsibility with Just Tunes Cares. FRM’s product, Just Tunes Music, not only promotes your brand in powerful ways, it allows you to interact with your audience, on an ongoing basis. We have all the licensing and fulfillment ready to go. Just add your branding and message and start to receive immediate and ongoing ROI.


JUST TUNES pre-paid music downloads are relevant in this digital age and perfect for rewarding employee, trade show giveaways, brand promotions, customer rewards and fundraising. Your customer base can browse and easily download music from our massive library of over 3 million songs – licensed music content from all of the major and powerful independent labels.


  • Compatible with iPods and iTunesTM

  • Intuitive MP3 delivery engine

  • No software to download

  • PIN Code redemption process

  • Valuable consumer data capture

  • Also available JUST TUNES Canada

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